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BS 5400 Free Download (British Standards)

BS 5400 is a British Standard for design and construction of steel, concrete and composite bridges use in highway and railway.

The standard specifies the requirements and the code of practice on design of steel, concrete (reinforced, prestressed or composite) and composite bridges that use steel sections (rolled or fabricated, cased or uncased) as well as the materials and workmanship in bridge erection.

The standard also includes the specification and calculation of standard bridge loads, the application of the limit state principles, analysis, and fatigue load calculation and the reservoir method for fatigue load cycle counting.

The standard also covers bridge foundation design and design and requirements on bridge bearings for ordinary and moving bridges.
This package includes 5400-1 -1988, 5400-2 -1978, 5400-3 -1982, 5400-3 2000, 5400-4 -1990, 5400-5 -1979, 5400-6 -199, 5400-7 -1978, 5400-8 -1978, 5400-9.1 -1983, 5400-9.2 -1983 and Parapet- BS 6779

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