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Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Professional, Core All Versions ISO Free Download with Permanent Activation 64bit

With Windows 8.1 Enterprise/Professional 64bit or 32 bit, a free update designed to address some of its users’ concerns and enable a faster pace of Windows releases, Microsoft tries to bridge the gap between old and new, between mouse and touchscreen. The new OS looks and feels mostly the same, but its many small tweaks make for a significant update — and hint at the future of Microsoft's vision for its own computing platform. Microsoft is completely invested in Windows 8, and it’s been busy over the last twelve months, but making Windows 8.1 into something easier and more familiar is no small task. Microsoft’s chance to usher in the touch-friendly, tablet-filled future it imagines — take two.

UI changes
When you first switch on a Windows 8.1 PC you won't notice many differences from Windows 8. The boot process is still quick, Live Tiles still greet you after you sign in. However, as you start to navigate around, subtle improvements become apparent. First-time users will see tips for navigating between apps or around the OS after the initial demo during setup, in a similar way to how Windows 95 greeted new users. They're useful as initial hints, and a new dedicated Help + Tips application serves as the central point for anyone left confused by the new user interface.

Start button and Snap Views
The first time you launch the desktop in 8.1, you’ll see the return of the ultra-familiar Start Button. It acts as a portal to switch between the desktop and Start Screen worlds, and it will only show on the Start Screen if you use a mouse to navigate to the lower left-hand corner. It replaces Microsoft's odd looking square tip from Windows 8, and for many will act as a familiar reminder of how to navigate Windows. But it’s just a button: Microsoft is not bringing back the traditional Windows Start Menu here.

Windows 8.1 allows for a lot more personalization across the board. You can now pick from built-in backgrounds that move and animate as you swipe, but there's also the ability to change the color scheme with a color picker that's a lot more flexible than Windows 8 ever was. But the real star of the show is the ability to set the desktop wallpaper as the backdrop for the Start Screen. It sounds simple, but it's an effective way to bridge the otherwise jarring switch from desktop to Start Screen.

INSTALLATION Through USB Flash Drive:

1. Download and Install Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool Program by CLICKING HERE

2. Start the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool program. You should be able to find the shortcut on the Desktop, as well as in your Start menu or on your Start screen, depending on which version of Windows you installed the program on.

3. Click Browse on the Step 1 of 4: Choose ISO file screen. Then click Next
4. Choose USB device on the Step 2 of 4: Choose media type screen.
5. On the Step 3 of 4: Insert USB device screen, choose from the drop-down box the flash drive or USB-connected external hard drive you want to put the Windows 8 setup files onto and then touch or click Begin copying.
6. On Step 4 of 4: Creating bootable USB device, just wait for the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to prepare the drive and copy the Windows 8 installation files to it.

The first Status you see will be Formatting, which will take anywhere from a few to several seconds, depending on how large the USB drive is that you're using. Next will be Copying files which could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, possibly longer, depending on which Windows 8.1 ISO file you're working from, as well as on how fast your flash drive, USB connection, and computer is.

7. Assuming everything went as planned, the next screen should say Bootable USB device created successfully with a Status that says Backup completed.

You can now close the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool program window. The flash drive, or other external USB drive you're using, now has the necessary files on it to install Windows 8.1 and is also properly configured to be booted from.

8. Boot from the USB device that you just created to start the Windows 8.1 install process.

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