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How to Install Windows 7 and Windows 8 Through Command Prompt by USB

Many People want to install Windows Vista, Seven or 8 with USB drive. So today i tell you that how you can install Windows with USB. This method 'll also help you to install windows in those systems which haven't any Optical DVD or CD drive for example Mini netbooks. n one edge i wanna mention here also that by this method u can install windows in approximately 15 min (although it varies from system to system speed). So follow the below steps to make your USB bootable so that you could install windows through your USB drive :)

1) insert your USB in system (minimum 4 GB capacity USB drive)
2) insert the DVD or CD of windows in optical drive
3) open command prompt to write some commands to make bootable USB (to open command prompt click on start menu.. then click on "Run" then write "cmd" there in box and press enter)
4) enter these following commands in your command prompt which i have written in Red Colour and press enter after every command.
.....a) DISKPART
.....b) LIST DISK
.....c) SELECT DISK 1 (m assuming here that ur USB disk number is 1, but u 'll enter your own USB DISK number which would be shown after entering the command LIST DISK)
.....d) CLEAN (it 'll clean your USB drive)
.....f) SELECT PARTITION 1 (m assuming ur USB drive number is 1 which appeared after entering LIST DISK command)
.....g) ACTIVE
.....h) FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK (format process 'll take few seconds)
.....i) ASSIGN
.....j) Exit (dont close the command prompt.. just minimize it)

5) Now go to "My Computer" and note down the drive letters of DVD or CD drive and USB drive... mostly DVD drive is assigned by "F" and USB drive by "H" but even then note down that which u have in your system...

6) Maximize the command prompt and type F: CD BOOT (m assuming here that your DVD drive letter is F but u 'll enter your own at the place of F in command)


8) BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H: (m assuming here that your USB drive letter is H but u 'll enter your own drive letter at the place of H in command)

9) Minimize the command prompt and go to My Computer and copy the DVD or CD all files in you USB drive... when copying process completed then have a smile...:) now your USB drive is bootable and you can install windows through it :) Feel Free to Comment Below if you 'll feel any confusion in any step. I 'll respond there as early as possible to help you :)

NOTE: make first boot device "USB flash drive" by entering in your BIOS setup by pressing F2 or you can press F12 frequently when your PC starts then a boot setup would appear at ur screen then choose Boot from USB drive... but its better to make it first boot device by entering in BIOS setup by pressing F2 :)
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