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What are the Hacking techniques to Hack Facebook Account? How to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers and How to Recover Facebook Account if Hacked?

There are two types ov Hackers in this world. One, who are Professional Hackers, they don’t need to use any reset option to hack into facebook account they directly recover the current password n login the account by disabling the secure browsing and 2-step verification system and even Facebook Team can’t trace/stop them. It looks horrible but don’t be afraid all professional Hackers don’t hack facebook or any email account without any solid reason.
So now question arises who are they who hack facebook account and how they hack?
There is 2nd type ov non-professional hackers who hack accounts only to show their power to others and to make them terrified.

So what techniques they use?
There are two major techniques to hack facebook account.
  1. Use of Keylogger
  2. By resetting facebook password or the password ov associated Email Address

What is the Use ov Keylogger?

Keylogger is the file generator software (its image I have shown above) in which you enter your own email address & password n generate a executable file. The deal is very simple, you only send that file to anyone by renaming it as picture or video so that anyone‘ll definitely open it. Once a user opens this file your each n every activity even your every single keystroke goes by email to hacker’s Email Address. So by this he receives your ID n Password n becomes able to login ur account without ur permission. So do not receive any .exe format file from any unknown person. (n Don’t be worried I am going to give you solution about it that how you can safe your account even if you have trapped by any keylogger)

How they Hack by resetting your password?
They simply go to facebook login page n click on “forgot password” option. Then they get the below page.

Now Facebook gives you different ways to identify your account as you can see in above image.  Its quite difficult sometimes to use Friend’s name, Email and phone option to identify the account as all these are mostly hidden on accounts but they use very simple way to identify the account which is username option. They simply go to your profile and they copy the user name from your profile’s URL . For example: if my profile’s URL is then after “” you can find the user name which is AbdulHananOfficial.
Then they simply enter this username and go to reset your password. Then facebook gives them three options to reset the password.
  1. Send reset link to associated email address with facebook account
  2. Send reset code to mobile phone (if you have added phone to your account)
  3. No longer access to above options

First they try to find out the associated email address n if they become able to find then they go to reset your email address (for example if you have yahoo account then they go to n try to reset the password ov associated email address)
If they become fail to reset associated email address then They click on “no longer access” option n then facebook gives option to Enter answer ov security question which is associated with facebook account n make several guesses to give right answer (Don’t worry I ‘ll explain below that how to choose strong security question, Above I was just telling that how many ways are there to reset the password)

So How to secure your account from Hackers?
To secure your account, you have to make all security measures enabled. For this purpose, Facebook gives you several security hurdles to be retained secured. Below I am going to explain that how you can enable all security measures.
Go to your Account settings ov Facebook account n then click on “Security” option given at the left side. Then you ‘ll see the below page

Now enable first 2 options Secure Browsing n Login Notifications one by one by clicking on “Edit”
Now Enable 2-step verification system on your facebook Account which is really important to secure your account. To enable 2-step verification system Edit the option “Login Approvals” n check the box “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers”. When you ‘ll check that box then you ‘ll get the option to get started this security. Simply click on “Get started”. Then you ‘ll notice below image

Now enter any name to add your known browser such as Home, My PC etc. Then after clicking on Add Browser button you ‘ll see below image

Then choose first option if you have Android, Iphone or Ipod Touch or otherwise “Other” Then click on “Continue” Then you ‘ll see below image

Enter your phone number which you want to add to your facebook account and then click on Continue. Then you ‘ll notice below image on your screen and get a security code on your cell phone.

Then enter the code which you received on your cell n then click on confirm.
Now you have enabled the 2-step verification system.

How 2-step verification system makes you secure?
When you have enabled 2-step verification system then whenever anyone ‘ll try to login your account by entering your password from Unknown Device or Browser (the device or browser which you hadn’t saved in your facebook account) then facebook ‘ll send a security code to your cell phone n request you to enter that code to login. So if you have cell in your own custody then doesn’t matter if someone has your password or not.

How to Enable https Browsing in Facebook?

https browsing keeps you secure from Session Hijacking which is a usual way of Hacking.
To Enable it just press setting Button and click on Account Settings. Then Click on Security Option given on the Left side of Page. I have also shown in Below picture. Then Click on Edit and check the Option "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible"

How to Edit saved devices in your facebook account?
Go to security page ov your facebook account n then edit the option ov Recognized devices. Then you ‘ll notice below image

Here you ‘ll see all saved devices with the name like Home etc whatever you saved n you ‘ll see Remove option to remove that device from your account (if you want to remove). If you ‘ll remove that device then the person who ‘ll try to login your account from that device ‘ll have to enter the code (which facebook ‘ll send on your cell phone)

How to check that How much your facebook account is secured and you have enabled all security measures?
To check please go to this Address
You ‘ll be asked to enter your password, so please enter your password then you

Your overall protection should be “High”.
Here you can add your contact Email, Mobile Phone and security Question to reset your password if you ‘ll be hacked in future.

How to recover your Facebook Account if you have Hacked?
You become hacked completely whenever hackers access your account n remove your associated email address and phone number from your account. Now question arises how you can recover now?
Simply go to your email address which was associated with your facebook account then you ‘ll must see this below email in your email account.

This above email ‘ll show you that your email address has been removed from your facebook account but this email ‘ll also give you option “Secure your account” to recover your account again. So click on this then you ‘ll be asked that it was you who removed email address or someone else? Then click on “someone else” then facebook ‘ll redirect you to choose a new password page like below

So choose your new password n recover your facebook account.
What is the crux of this above article n what we should do to create unbreakable security?
There are 3 Main Things that should be protected to make your account safe.

1. Your password
Use ov 2-step verification‘ll kill the password theft threat

2. Your security Question
Choose the security question which is constructed by answer in shape ov Name ov a person. Do not choose the questions which have the answer in the shape ov city Name like “where did you spend your childhood summers” or “where was your mother born” because these questions mostly have the answer in shape ov City Name which can be guessed by trying again n again. So Try to choose the question like “What was the last name of your first grade teacher?” etc.

3. Your associated Email Address
You are secured n can recover your facebook account till you have access to your associated email address otherwise there is no way to recover facebook account. So try to associate most strong email address with your facebook which can’t be reset or hacked. For this, I prefer Gmail because its quite difficult to reset or hack Gmail Account. So always associate Gmail account with your facebook or you can also associate Email account (if you have) n always try to associated more than 2 email accounts with your facebook account so that if you become fail to remember or access to one Email address then you can access other one.
These above 3 Measures ‘ll  guarantee you complete security against 2nd type ov hackers (which I mentioned in start ov article) 

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