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JetBrains ReSharper 7.1 Free Download Full Version Crack Serial Key Patch

What is ReSharper
JetBrains ReSharper is a productivity add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio that, by extending native Visual Studio functionality, facilitates professional development using C#, VB.NET, XML, XAML, build scripts, and unit tests.

JetBrains ReSharper enhances .NET developer experience in multiple ways to make sure that developers are able to perform various important tasks, including the following:

Save time on compilation, locating and fixing errors
ReSharper instantly detects and highlights errors in C# code, without having to compile it first
ReSharper provides corrections for most errors, helping solve any problems instantly (see Code Analysis)
Automate routine tasks
Quickly create methods, properties, variables or classes from their usages
Easily generate constructors, properties, delegating and equality members; implement and override members (see Code Generation)
Smart templates help quickly insert frequently used code constructs (see Templates)
Complete Statement inserts necessary syntax elements and gets you in position to start writing the next statement (see Coding Assistance)
Get useful hints when necessary
Parameter Info and three types of Code Completion are way more useful and versatile with ReSharper
Suggestions in completion lists are filtered based on the expected type of an expression
Required namespaces are imported instantly, right from where you type
Quick Documentation provides comprehensive info on any class or method in a pop-up window, with clickable links to external resources (see Coding Assistance)
Improve coding practices
Changes are made easy with 34 solution-wide, cross-language automated refactorings (nearly 5 times as many as in Visual Studio 2008) (see Refactorings)
ReSharper's 130+ automated code transformations (context actions) enable quick local modifications (see Coding Assistance)
Comprehensive Code Cleanup reformats code, removes redundancies, enforces customizable conventions, and more (see Code Cleanup)
Navigate to any corner of a solution
Dozens of smart navigation and search features bring the whole solution at developer's fingertips
Type Hierarchy, File Structure, and other features make the structure of solution items clearer (see Navigation and Search)
Handle multi-language solutions with ease
Refactorings, navigation and search, and coding assistance work across C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET (see Cross-language Functionality)
Supported Languages and Technologies

ReSharper 4 Full Edition supports the following languages/technologies on a full or limited basis:
C# (up to 3.0)
VB.NET (up to VB8)
ASP.NET (up to 3.5 SP1)
NAnt and MS Build scripts

Where applicable, Code Completion suggests indexer along with type members, and corrects expression syntax accordingly if it's selected
Custom icons for parameters and local variables are provided to distinguish them from fields
Support for CamelHumps means that you can complete a long type name by entering only its uppercase characters — for example, DRFB instead of DecoderReplacementFallbackBuffer
When you declare a field, method parameter, or local variable, ReSharper can suggest a list of possible names to choose from, taking into account your defined naming conventions (you can configure them by choosing ReSharper | Options | Languages | Common | Naming Style)
You can configure the look and feel of code completion by choosing ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Behavior or ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Appearance.

Complete Statement
Complete Statement (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) inserts necessary syntax elements (braces, semicolons etc.) and gets you to the position to start the next statement, saving you from excessive juggling with the caret. In a sense, it's a hybrid of two ReSharper features: Code Completion and Auto-inserting Delimiters.

Complete Statement comes to rescue in numerous scenarios, including auto-closing parentheses, adding semicolons, completing if, while and for statements, and so on. For example, whenever you declare a new method, Complete Statement comes handy after specifying method parameters.

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