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CyberLink PowerDVD 12 ULTRA Free Download Full Version Registered with Crack Patch

With over a 100 million copies sold annually, PowerDVD is the number one choice for media entertainment on PCs and the only player software you need for all your media content and entertainment devices.

PowerDVD 12 plays all types of media content - movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio technologies to upgrade all your viewing experience to HD and 3D, including streamed content via home network, or, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr pages. PowerDVD 12 is the ultimate entertainment software you need anywhere at home and on-the-road


Convert Blu-ray Movies to 3D - PowerDVD 12 introduces a unique feature to turn 2D Blu-ray movies into 3D in real time. Re-watch your all-time favorite Blu-ray titles again in 3D with TrueTheater 3D!

Enjoy 2D Videos & Photo Slideshows in 3D! - Throw yourself right into the action by converting 2D photos and videos into a super cool 3D experience with TrueTheater® 3D. The effect is amazingly realistic and creates a whole new way to enjoy your videos and photos.

Watch DVDs in Amazing HD - TrueTheater® HD gives standard definition DVD and video images the look and feel of true high-definition via resolution upscaling from 480 pixels to 1080 pixels, eliminating jagged edges and distracting video artifacts.

YouTube Enhanced! - Now you can apply any of TrueTheater®'s amazing enhancement technologies to YouTube videos for a far superior viewing experience. Try a clearer, sharper, higher resolution, and better sounding YouTube!

Surround Yourself with Sound - TrueTheater® Surround expands audio output to mimic surround sound on home theater systems for 2-channel content, and on conventional stereo speakers or headphones for multi-channel DVDs, videos and music files. Enjoy big surround sound without the big cost!

Optimized For Your Big Screen TV - TrueTheater® Stretch employs a non-linear stretching technique that automatically adjusts the viewing ratio of the displayed video to match the output display. Now you can watch any standard-format DVD movie with the aspect ratio optimally suited to the display device

Silky Smooth Action Sequences - TrueTheater® Motion up-converts the frame-rate of video to 60/72 frames per second (fps) for smoother-looking video playback and fluid, graceful action sequences.

Correct Shaky Camcorder Videos - PowerDVD is the ideal player for watching videos you have taken with your camcorder. TrueTheater® Stabilizer uses advanced technology to minimize the shakiness of your videos for a smooth and steady result.

Make Your Videos & Photos Snap! - TrueTheater® Denoise removes blocky or pixilated effects from your videos & photos, while TrueTheater® Lighting delivers superb colors and improves image detail for an enhanced viewing experience.


Instant Scale - Browse media thumbnails in many sizes - When viewing your media library in Grid view, you can adjust the size of thumbnail to the most comfortable size.

Instant View - Quickly search & browse your media - Mouse over the folder thumbnail, then use the scroll bar to quickly browse through photos and videos within the folder without opening it.

Instant Zoom - Watch for details - Zoom in portion of a video or movie scene up to 4x times while it is still playing.

Instant Seek - Instantly find your favorite scene - Lightning fast scene location within your movies using CyberLink preview optimization technology.

Smart Media Library - Easiest way to browse media - View your library in Grid or List view, search media content by name, rating and more.

Movie Marks - Bookmark your favorite scenes - A great way to mark scenes in movies. Hit the bookmark tag, leave a comment and go back to the exact spot later.

An Optimized Player Experience - Any Device, Any Screen - PowerDVD 12 has re-invented its user interface. Now, with full integration of your media library, you can easily browse through your videos, music & photos stored on your local PC, network PC, DLNA server or even social websites. By switching to remote-control friendly cinema mode, you can sit on your sofa and browse through your media using your smartphone or tablet.


Brilliant Blu-ray & DVD Movies - PowerDVD 12 delivers cinema movie experience to with amazing Blu-ray and DVD playback. Experience the smoothest movie playback with PowerDVD's optimization for leading CPU/GPU technologies including 2nd generation Intel Core processors, AMD and NVIDIA. Leveraging the full power of your graphics hardware results in superb playback quality and reduced loading on your PC’s own system resources.
New support for Intel WiDi 2.1 in PowerDVD 12 lets you wirelessly stream Blu-ray and HD content from PowerDVD

The Next Dimension in Blu-ray: Blu-ray 3D - Blu-ray 3D is now a reality. With vivid dimensions in picture depth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen, you will be fully immersed in the movies. Try out the hi-def 3D experience in your own home with PowerDVD 12 And PowerDVD 12 Cinema Mode now features a redefined user interface, including 3D support for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself in the 3D experience from start to finish!

Enjoy HD Audio for Your HD Movies - Match your visual experience with the best audio available. Experience crisp audio with lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Support for HDMI 1.4 allows simultaneous transfer of multi-channel high-definition audio using one hassle-free cable.

Headphone Technology - Amazing Audio on the Go - Plug in your headphones and introduce yourself to Dolby Headphone technology and be amazed at a surround sound experience so realistic you'll feel just like you're in your home theater. With PowerDVD, you can experience the most amazing audio quality even when you are on the move!

Vast Video Playback Support - PowerDVD 12 is the ultimate player for the viewing of HD video on your PC. Whether you're playing back AVCHD format home videos captured on your camcorder, or MKV & FLV files you've downloaded online, or from Youtube, and Facebook, PowerDVD lets you play it back flawlessly. PowerDVD now supports two new 3D formats, MVC 1080i 3D, MVC Transport Stream 3D (M2TS), MK3D and more.

View Photos in Animated Slideshows - PowerDVD 12's new photo feature is so much more than just a viewer. Not only can you view photos stored on your PC, smart device or DLNA server, you can also check out images from Facebook and Flickr, and enjoy RAW format support for your DSLR cameras – all in the one convenient place. And if you’re a fan of animated photo slideshows, PowerDVD 12 will play both 2D and 3D slideshows for you at the click of a button.

Enjoy Favorite Music Playlists & Lossless Audio - With support for Windows 7 music library, PowerDVD 12 can sort your favorite music by title, album, artist, genre, length or size. Enjoy your favorite music tracks with easy-to-make playlists and in great lossless audio with new OGG and FLAC support.

Play All Media Content From anywhere - PCs, home networks & Cloud! - PowerDVD 12 unites your entertainment media! You no longer need multiple applications for your movies, videos, photos and music - enjoy them all in the one place. Access media on your PC, on other network connected PCs or digital media servers at your home, or view media from popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook & Flickr right from the PowerDVD interface.

Over 17 million DRM-free songs! - PowerDVD 12 integrates 7digital’s music store service* letting you browse through over 17 million high quality, DRM-free tracks. Purchase directly from PowerDVD 12 and get listening to the latest sounds right away. PowerDVD also supports 7digital's digital locker, which stores all the songs you purchase online and makes them available to download anytime on up to 5 different PCs or devices.


A Single Solution for PC, iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry
PowerDVD 12 breaks down the barriers between devices, giving the freedom to easily enjoy entertainment content anywhere, on any device - PCs, iPhones, Android tablets, Blackberrys, DLNA TVs, etc... . Now all your devices can talk to each other, no matter the brand or operating system, and share enhanced, high quality media using the first truly complete multimedia solution.

Smart Sync Your Music, Videos & Photos to Your Android and Blackberry Devices - Automaticaly syncs media c to a wide Android and Blackberry smart phones and devices, using rule-based sync. Also lets you drag and drop media from devices to store onto your PCs.

Smart Convert to the Right Format for Your Portable Device - PowerDVD intelligently converts videos, photos and music to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet in the best format by recognizing the profile of your device. And it does it all automatically and in real time as it syncs!

PowerDVD Mobile - Media Entertainment On-the-Go! - PowerDVD Mobile is the perfect mobile companion to PowerDVD 12. With PowerDVD Mobile, you can enjoy videos, photos and music playback any where outside your home. PowerDVD Mobile also lets you share, stream and download content across different platforms and devices. The new version now supports iOS 5, Android 2.x and 3.x.

Easily Enjoy All Media Throughout Your Home Network - Make PowerDVD 12 your entertainment center, and play media from it on your DLNA TVs, DLNA players, iPhones, iPads and Android devcies without the hassle of moving files around.

Play From Anywhere - PowerDVD 12 as the Media Player (DMP), brings all media content from any device connected in the home network together to play in the best quality with TrueTheater

Share To Any Device - PowerDVD 12 is a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Media Server (DMS). All your movies, photos and music on your PC can be streamed to other DLNA-compliant devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and intelligently transcode media format to play on other devices.

Find & Play Content with Total Control - PowerDVD 12 is a Media Controller (DMC), searching out and finding content on servers and playing it on other screens.

Play Media From Other Devices - Media Receivers (DMR) like TVs, stereos, smartphones, tablets and even digital picture frames can all playback media from PowerDVD and PowerDVD Mobile devices to provide a rich entertainment experience throughout your home environment.


Your Favorite Social Networks - ALL Integrated
Enjoy your favorite social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, directly from PowerDVD 12. Having all your social media in one place means it is easier and more convenient to browse media content and interact with social network friends.

Share & Download Your Social Network Media
Now that you've got all your media together with PowerDVD 12, it’s very easy for you to publish your videos & photos to your social network accounts and share with your friends. It’s also a lot easier to download photos from Facebook & Flickr, too.

Complete Youtube Experience within PowerDVD
Enjoy Youtube all in one player. Easily browse yours and friend's videos, watch Youtube 3D native videos in 3D, real-time convert 2D videos to 3D and upload to Youtube 3D, create Youtube playlist, interact with subscribers and more.

View Social Network Media in Best Quality HD & 3D
Take social media to the next level by converting your 2D YouTube videos and Facebook & Flickr photos into a cool 3D experience! The effect is super realistic and totally unique. PowerDVD 12 also supports native 3D content playback from YouTube, so check out the new dimension in online video

Share Your Passion For Cinema within PowerDVD is designed for cinema enthusiastics. Explore all you need to know about movies and celebrities with MoovieLive. PowerDVD 12 integrates the MoovieLive information within PowerDVD interface, you can easily find movie information, read or watch review, rate movies or even share to your facebook wall.

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP SP3* (Windows XP Service Pack 3 is required)



English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese

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