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How to Reset / Recover Windows 7 Administrator Password with USB | For All Versions Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista32 bit / 64 bit

First you have to make a bootable USB with this software to Reset Windows password

1. Download the file from the below Download Button and Extract it Must
Rar Password is

2. Copy all the Extracted files onto ur USB (You do not need delete files already on the USB drive.)
Do not copy the files in any folder or sub-directory, copy those files directly in USB
3. Open command prompt (Run as Administrator by right clicking on Command prompt)
   Run this from a command line, like this:

j:\syslinux.exe -ma j:

replace j with the letter of your USB drive if it is on another
drive letter such as G , H etc.
After entering the command just wait for 10 seconds and then close the command prompt (your USB is ready now)
On some drives, you may have to omit the -ma option if you
get an error.
Please note that you may have to adjust settings in your computers BIOS
setup to boot from USB. To Boot from USB when your computer starts just press F12 rapidly until you 'll see boot menu. Then select the option Boot from USB and press enter.

Now the journey begins to reset your Windows Password ;)
Once it boots successfully, it will display below screen :
You just need to press Enter.

Then you 'll be shown the below image containing the drives on your system followed by numbers like 1,2,3,4 etc. then you have to select the number of your drive upon which you installed windows, mostly you install your windows on C drive so Just type 2 and press Enter.

The program will start to scan for the location of the registry files.
It’s very uncommon that the registry is not inside the default folders, so it shouldn’t have any problem locating it.

When the process is finished, it will display the path and you 'll be shown below image. Then Press “Enter” to continue.

 The program will list the registry content and you 'll be shown the below image. Then we 'll select the option "Password reset [sam system security]"
So Type 1 and press ENTER

Then you 'll be shown below image. Now we are going to select “Edit user data and passwords”.
Type 1 and press Enter :

It will show a list of the users that have been found on the system. as it is shown in below image such as Administrator, HomeGroupUser$, Guest, User etc. So we have to write the exact name (capital and small letter keep in mind, such as if the user name is Ali then do not write ali )
In this case I will use the Administrator. As i have written below the green arrow and then press "Enter". Of course you can change other users as well.

Then you 'll be shown the below image. Now we 'll select the option "Clear (blank) user Password" so Type “1″ (without the quotes) to clear the user password:
 You will see a message about "password cleared" will appear on your screen.

Do the following steps to make it permanent:
Step 1. Type “!” (without the quotes) & press Enter if you don’t want to clear more password accounts.
Step 2. Type “q” (without the quotes) & press Enter, the program will ask you if there is something to save.
Step 3. Type “y” (without the quotes) & press Enter.

The utility then ask if you want to run it again. Type "no" (without the quotes)
and press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” to finish the process.
Now you can use that user account again.
I have tested it many times. Its 100 % Working. If you find any problem during any step then do no hesitate to comment in below section :)

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