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Sony PlayStation 3 hacked using custom Firmware

Amazing PlayStation 3 has been hacked recently, originally with the PSJailbreak dongle and fail0verflow, but Sony managed to fight back with Firmware 3.60 which managed to ingeniously re-secure the console.

PS 3 security was undermined in early 2011 after hacking team Fail0verflow detailed a technique to get unauthorized code running on Sony’s console. At the time, the group said they attacked the console’s security as a response to Sony removing the Other OS feature that allowed installation of the Linux operating system on the PS3.
However, the newly released custom firmware contains the current PSN passphrase security protocol. And even if Sony changes that with new firmware, the release of the LV0 decryption keys means that hackers should be able to easily lay bare future security measures in system updates.

According to Eurogamer, Chinese hacking group BlueDiskCFW had planned to sell the custom firmware circumventions, which prompted another group called The Three Tuskateers to release the LV0 keys. They also released a statement claiming to have discovered the keys some time ago, adding, “only the fear of our work being used by others to make money out of it has forced us to release this now.”

The team of hackers released the following announcement:
As this was a group effort, we wouldn’t normally have lost a word about it ever, but as we’re done with PS3 now anyways, we think it doesn’t matter anymore. Congratulations to the guy that leaked stuff, you, sir, are a 1337 haxx0r, jk, you’re an asshole.

People should know that crooked personalities are widespread in this so called ‘scene’. Some people try to achieve something for fun together and make the wrong decision to trust others and share their results with them, but ofc there got to be the attention seeking fame wh*** that has to leak stuff to feel a little bit better about him-/herself. Now the catch is that it works like this in every ‘scene’, just that in others it usually doesn’t come to light.The only sad thing is, that the others who worked on this won’t get the attention they deserve because they probably want to remain anonymous (also they don’t care about E-fame <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">
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