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Learn Urdu Inpage Composing Training in Urdu

Inpage is an application software which is used to write Urdu language, it was introduced in 2000 for the first time and still it is in the same shape. Urdu can be used to compose Urdu books, Urdu Magazines, Urdu Newspaper etc. It is very simple software and easy to learn. You can just open it and start writing Urdu. Many people work in Corel Draw and in Photoshop and they often include Urdu in their projects. So Urdu can be included in Photoshop and Corel Draw very easily. If you want to include Urdu from Inpage to Corel Draw then please make sure you have opened Inpage first then Corel Draw. Insert a text box in Inpage and write Urdu in it and then simply copy the box and paste into Corel Draw and You're done. Mostly, we use Phonetic Keyboard in Urdu because it is similar to normal English keyboard. You can select Phonetic Keyboard as default by going to Edit menu and then select this option from Preferences.

Learning Inpage in Urdu
Urdu is Urdu and it is written in Inpage so it is not very difficult, I have an introduction class about Inpage which you can read in below picture, because mostly internet browsers don't support Urdu that's why I write Urdu in Pictures. So below is the complete Inpage introduction tutorial in Urdu.

Update: Click here for Complete Video Tutorial of Urdu Inpage Professional
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