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Learn Free Complete Inpage 2009 in Urdu with Video Tutorials

Asalam O Alikum!
Ttoday I am publishing a complete course of Inpage 2009 in Urdu as well as in Hindi, I have made 14 video tutorials for you which will guide you step by step that how to write:

What are the best features in Inpage 2009
There are several good tools in Inpage 2009 which can be used to make attractive Urdu files. Text Box & Title boxes are two good tools in Inpage which can be used to add text and then export that text to Corel Draw, Photoshop & Ms Office. Table's option is also nice because you can simply create table and make it a project. You can make a complete data sheet by using Table in Inpage 2009. Adding pictures to Inpage file is also very easy. You can just create a rectangle and by right clicking you can add a picture from your PC to Inpage. There are many other beautiful tools in Inpage which you will learning with video tutorials below.
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