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Youtube caption, Subtitle Downloader and converter

Method 1 

Now you can download the Caption, Subtitles, Transcript of Youtube Video Easily.
Just Need to follow these following instructions.

1. Copy and paste the following URL and replace the word "VIDEO-ID" in URL by Your Youtube's Video ID. then press enter.

if you dont know that how to know the ID of Youtube Video then here is an example below in which i have shown the ID in youtube Video's URL by Red Colour

2. Now you 'll see the subtitles but it 'll with html tags which can irritate you while you 'll read. To avoid that html tags you 'll have to convert it, so now before converting it you just need to right click on the page and then click on option "view page source" then a page 'll appear with subtitle. then just copy all the data of that page and go to this URL
Paste all the data which you copied in the given section and press "Go" button.
Then you 'll find your subtitles/transcript/caption without tags. Now this what you were looking for :)

Method 2 (If your Using Firefox Browser)

This is comparatively an Easy Method to Download youtube subtitle caption Transcript using Firefox ....!!!
You can Download the caption / subtitle / transcript of youtube videos by Installing Firefox Plugin on your Firefox Browser.
Open your Firefox Browser and Just Go to This link and install this plugin on your Firefox browser. it 'll take few seconds to install. After that  Restart your Firefox Browser and go to your Youtube Viedo of which you want to download Substitle.
When you 'll go to that video, you 'll see Caption Downloading button which i have showed in below Picture.

After Downloading this subtitle file you would not be able to open it directly. So you 'll have to Install subtitle workshop software. Click here to download that software. After downloading this software. Extract it and then Run the "SubtitleWorkshop4.exe" file to open this software. Then click on "File" menu then click on "Load subtitle" then locate your subtitle file and open it. Now you 'll be able to read out your Subtitle easily :)

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