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Vistanita duplicate finder v3.9.6 Crack

Vistanita Duplicate Finder does just that: it finds duplicate files so that you can delete them from your PC. Though it comes with a trial restriction, we still found it to be a very capable file-management program.
The user interface is very easy to navigate. Its design flows in such a way that you know exactly where to go next. Simply select the search parameters from a drop-down list, check off the folders, files, and/or hard disks that you would like to include in the scan, and finally, add the file extensions you want to include. Once we clicked the Scan button, the program quickly went to work scanning through our designated areas. Before we could manage any found files, a helpful prompt gave us instructions on how to read the program's findings. We were able to easily select the files we wanted to delete and permanently remove them. Saving and exporting the session was also very easy thanks to menu commands.

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